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Product Strategy

Kadabby offers services that will help take your product from an idea to launch and beyond. Gain from our expertise in developing and promoting software products and services. We can help you with product management and marketing of your mobile application, website or cloud service.

We can help with:

  • Market analysis:  Evaluate the competition; identify opportunities;  plan for success
  • Product messaging:  Develop the key messages and supporting collateral for your product
  • Pricing:  Determine how much to charge, upsell strategies, feature packaging and purchasing criteria
  • Product Roadmap:  Define a feature backlog and the approach for tackling it
  • Communications Strategy:  Select appropriate channels and tactics for how to promote your product

What’s next?

Kadabby can help you build your mobile app, website or cloud service by providing project management, product strategy and development expertise.

Let’s talk.

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