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Project Management

Hitting project timelines and achieving goals requires active collaboration, consistent communication, and effective decision making. The process and discipline for how these tenets are achieved can vary from company to company. Kadabby’s project management approach tailors Agile, Kaban and traditional waterfall planning concepts, meeting styles, visibility and reporting to best fit with your organization’s management preference.

We can help with:

  • Software Development:  Define releases, iterations, and validation strategies for your project
  • Product Launches:  Plan and monitor activities like training, sales presentations, press release, and website updates  required to release your product
  • Communications campaigns:  Organize and plan ongoing promotional tactics like email programs, lead nurturing, social media strategies and advertising, for your product

What’s next?

Kadabby can help you build your mobile app, website or cloud service by providing project management, product strategy and development expertise.

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